This Clinical Rotation or Clerkship program is for medical students currently enrolled in good standing at W.H.O.* and I.M.E.D.* recognized medical schools. Credit may be awarded if approved and as required by your medical school.
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This transitional program allow graduates from a Medical School to experience and be trained by faculty at reputable teaching hospitals. A certificate of completion and Letter of Recommendations (L.O.R.) may be earned after the course is completed.
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Nursing (3-Year BSc)

Getting into nursing school can be a challenging endeavor. With the increasing demand for healthcare professionals, nursing schools often receive a large number of applications, far surpassing the available spots. The 3-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program we offer right out of High School will allow you to work in a variety of health care settings around the globe.
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Are you ready for success???
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Research Opportunities

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