Faculty: Health Sciences
Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nursing
Length of Study: 3 YEARS (9 months each year, a total of 27 months, classes run from October to June)
Number of ECTS: 180

Nursing Program

MedPathway has partnered with the Medical University of Lublin to offer a 3-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. The Medical University of Lublin (MUL) founded in 1944 is a state university in Poland under the auspices of the European Union, that boasts a long-standing tradition of preparing health professionals from medical doctors to graduate nurses. MUL has been educating students from around the globe, especially from the USA, Canada, UK, Middle East and Asian Countries for many decades in the field of Medicine (MD), Dentistry (DDS) and Pharmacy (PharmD). The English-program Nursing degree meets national and European Union standards, and the requirements of medical education. Candidates may apply for admission to the 3-year undergraduate program (BSc) right from High School where they will acquire the knowledge and skills that will allow them to work in a variety of health care settings around the globe (for example in the United States, Canada or the UK).

Why Nursing at MUL?

The practical classes and internships are organized in such a way that the acquisition of practical skills in natural conditions is preceded by the development of these skills during low-fidelity simulation training in nursing skills laboratories at the Medical Simulation Center. The practical classes and professional apprenticeships are conducted in various hospital wards, including: internal medicine wards, geriatric wards, surgical wards, pediatric wards, neurological wards, psychiatric wards, intensive care wards, long-term care wards, to name just a few. The classes also take place in outpatient clinics and hospices. In short, the program is offered at a respected university-setting, in accredited teaching hospitals, at a known college town.

Choose Nursing if you want to:

  • acquire general knowledge in the field of medical sciences and detailed knowledge of nursing profession.
  • gain skills necessary to provide healthcare services to patients.
  • learn how to provide comprehensive and individualized care for sick, disabled and dying people.
  • learn how to educate patients on healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, as well as how to establish cooperation in health care teams.
  • prepare for nursing licensure exams in many countries including the US, Canada and the UK.

Our Nursing Program equips you with both essential medical knowledge and practical skills necessary to practice as a registered professional nurse.

Studying at MUL:

  • high level of medical and nursing education
  • international environment
  • wide variety of extracurricular activities

Graduate profile:

After completing the first-cycle studies in Nursing, the graduates obtain the right to work in public and private healthcare institutions such as hospital departments, clinics, nursing homes, hospices and emergency departments. The Bachelor of Nursing degree earned at the Medical University of Lublin entitles alumni to apply for a professional nursing license that will allow them to practice nursing worldwide. The graduates who wish to further continue their education may apply for admission to the second-cycle studies (Masters in Nursing).