Payment Schedule for 2024/2025


Classes start September 30, 2024 for the Fall enrollment.

Tuition for the 3-year Nursing program has been designed in a way to make it affordable for anyone from anywhere in the world, especially as we need more healthcare professionals to be in the frontline to help those who are in need.

Application fee – candidates (including transferred students) pay $100 USD (one time, nonrefundable fee) during the online application. The application form can be accessed by clicking here.

Tuition fee – The tuition fee must be paid directly to the Individual University Account Numbers provided by the Dean’s office upon admission. Tuition is paid to the University in EUROS (EUR).

Payment for: Required Amount in EUR DATE DUE:

Required Amount
in EUR if paid in 4

1st, 2nd, 3rd year of study (including transferred students):
Fall semester 2.550,00 EUR September 30 670,00 EUR
Spring semester 2.550,00  EUR February 26 670,00 EUR

The total tuition for 3 years is 2.550,00 EUR x 6 Semesters = 15.300,00 EUROS. Fees paid in installments will be slightly higher as shown above.

The estimated conversion for 2550 Euros to US Dollars can be found by clicking here.

If payments are not made on time, the University will charge late fees according to its Rules & Regulations.

NOTE: While making a wire-transfer please remember to put your name on the receipt as well as a description of the payment (example: tuition fee).